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Tarrant County Housing Partnership TCHP

   Neighborhood Stabilization Program NSP

Key Features

The TCHP in Conjunction with the TDHCA (Texas Dept Housing Community Assistance) NSP Program is designed to help qualified home buyers purchase  one of 13  specific homes in Tarrant County by:  See the 13 Homes available

            Providing  down payment, Principal reduction and closing cost assistance in the amount of up to $30000. 

            Depending on the amount of assistance, the money does not have to be paid back if you keep the home between 5 and 10 years after the date of purchase

            Loans under this program will be made on a first-come first-serve basis

            to qualified first time home-buyers obtaining their loan through

            a participating Lender. (Like Chris Cook from Town Square Mortgage)

            Apply for a Home-loan On-line

 2 Main Benefits to you the future Homebuyer:

Purchase a fully restored home  from the TCHP

Get up to $30000 in Housing assistance from the TDHCA


   How a Homebuyer Qualifies:

  1)   Homebuyer must purchase one of 13 available homes being sold by TCHP

   2)   Homebuyer must use a participating Lender (Like Chris Cook)

   3)  The Household combined income cannot  be below:

                  The 50% AMI (Annual medium Income) Level

                                      Family of 3 $31500

       The Household Income cannot exceed the 120% AMI 

              The 120% AMI  (Annual medium Income) Level  

                                      Family of 3 $74,750

                AMI Tables in Texas

    4)     Homebuyer must occupy the home as their principal residence.

    5)   FHA, VA and USDA loans only.

    6)   Can be utilized with MCC Programs

    7)  Homebuyer must attend an 8 hour First time home-buyers Workshop

For additional information concerning this Program, please email Colin Rosenthal at

colin@dfwmetrohousing.com or call him at 214-704-4005.  http://www.dfwmetrohousing.com

For more information on a Home-loan please go to http://dfwmetrohousing.com/Mortgage%20Loan.htm

For more information on What is involved in purchasing your first home please go to http://dfwmetrohousing.com/RE%20101.ppt

Thank you for your interest in the Program.



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