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 Avoiding Foreclosure

There are other options available such as a Loan Modification. Contact your lender (Mortgage Company) and request a loan modification. They will not foreclose on you as long as a modification is pending.

 Refinance is another option if your credit score is good enough and with today's interest rates that will bring your payment down.

The third option is a short Sale.

Apply On-line to refinance

What is a short Sale?

    Short Sale

Example:  Your home loan has an outstanding balance of $100000 but your home is only worth $90000.   We contact your lender (Mortgage Company) and ask them if they are willing to take less money for the home when it is sold. 

This is selling the home SHORT of the full price. 

 Often this will give the seller or home owner more time in the home as the bank often take months to make a decision and often stoop the foreclosure procedure once a short sale is implemented.

Short Sale Power Point Presentation

Short Sale You-Tube presentation


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