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Mortgage Loan

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(MCC) Mortgage Credit Certificate

Mortgage Loan

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                                      Anyone wanting to obtain a mortgage loan will need at least a 620 credit score.  Sometimes we can find lenders that will work with a 600 but that 

                                      always means that the underwriting will be done manually and your application is going to be scrutinized and very difficult.  Here are a few ideas

                                      on building your credit score if you believe it is lower than a 620.

 Revolving Credit is What is needed

                                      Revolving credit is the type of credit that builds your score.  A car payment will not help your score but a credit card (Can be secured) will,  as long as you use it wisely 

                                      and try to keep the balance at about 20% of allocated credit Example: $1000 credit never owe more than $200 at any given time and always pay the bill on time. 

                                      A secured credit card is what will help in building your credit score.  

            Apply for an Orchard Secured Credit Card

             Apply for a Capitol One Secured credit Card

US Gold Card Secured credit card

Please remember that a late payment is the worst thing for your credit score and can reduce your score in one month as much as 100 points for as long as a year

Credit Restoration 

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2) Paying off current Debt reporting:  If any item is report on a monthly basis on your credit report try to call the debtor and make payment arrangements  Don't worry about any old debt that has gone into collection and no longer reporting) 


3) Make sure everything is paid on time and never ever late.   Just one last payment on anything could and often does effect your credit score as much as 100 points.  It takes one month to cost you 100 points and a whole year to rebuild again.


4) Eliminate all derogatory reports:  You cannot have any judgments, Tax liens,  outstanding student loans that have late payments and please beware of Bad rental History can also effect your credit. 

5) Credit Repair Service:  For those of you having problems and looking for professional assistance


Apply for a Mortgage loan On-line  

(MCC) Mortgage Credit Certificate

HUD $100 Down Payment on HUD Homes using FHA Loans

 Information of FHA 203K Loan

How to Dispute an item on your credit report

Credit Repair Service:

Credit Repair Help is Here

Take action today to get your credit back on track. Heartland Credit Restoration is a company working full time to help you repair your credit. Our clients vary from individuals being turned down for a home loan, not having good enough credit to buy a car, a spouse who needs assistance getting his/her credit back on track, and more. Credit repair from Heartland Credit Restoration has NO UP FRONT FEES! We offer a proven and documented credit repair processing system. Take an honest approach and get back on track today.

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