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Jefferson Community Housing On-line Housing Workshop

  Apply for the Online Homebuyers Workshop

Key Features

This Housing Workshop presented through Neighborhood Works is designed to Educate and Certify first time home buyers purchase a home using:

            Government Grant and Bond moneys for closing cost and Principal reduction assistance. 

                   For all and any NSP programs available.

                First and foremost to educate the consumer on what is involved in the home buying procedure and how to make sure you keep your home and will not loose it through foreclosure

                   Inform the consumer on Home Loans and credit assisting qualified first time home- buyers        Buyers obtaining their loan through a participating Lender.

                                          (Like Chris Cook Town Square Mortgage)

                                                 Apply for a Home-loan On-line

            Apply for the Online Homebuyers Workshop


Orientation Seminar  Sign Up for the rest of the Workshop

1)  Are you ready

2)  Understanding Credit        

3) Managing your Money

4) Searching for a home

5) Obtaining a Mortgage  

6) Protecting your Home



Apply for the Online Homebuyers Workshop


    5)     Homebuyer must occupy the home as their principal residence.

     6)   Homebuyer must apply through a participating Lender. (Chris Cook)

                      Apply for a Home-loan On-line

   7)  Cost for the program is 1.00% Origination Fee and 1.00% Discount Fee.

           Plus normal and customary loan setup fees.

♦    8)   FHA, VA and USDA loans only.

   9)   Can be utilized with city and/or county DPA Programs

     10)  Homebuyer must attend an 8 hour First time home-buyers Workshop

For additional information concerning this Program, please email Colin Rosenthal at

colin@dfwmetrohousing.com or call him at 214-704-4005.  http://www.dfwmetrohousing.com

For more information on a Home-loan please go to http://dfwmetrohousing.com/Mortgage%20Loan.htm

For more information on What is involved in purchasing your first home please go to http://dfwmetrohousing.com/RE%20101.ppt

Thank you for your interest in the Program.



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