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 HUD announces the reintroduction of the $100 down payment on all HUD Homes that will be owner occupant and financed with an FHA loan.

On a regular home where you are financing with an FHA loan the required down payment is 3.5% .... When buying a HUD home your down payment is only $100. But HUD will only pay 3% of your closing costs and the closing costs are normally about 6% so it still means you will need about 3% instead of 3.5% to get into the home. Of course you still need to qualify for the home loan with a minimum credit score of about 620 manual under writing and a 640 automated underwriting.  The appraisal comes with a HUD home but you as the buyer need to purchase the title insurance.

On the other hand if your income is below the 80% AMI (Annual medium Income) level you may qualify for Government Assistance and be able to get into your new home for only $1000 total Investment. You have to start somewhere if HOME-OWNERSHIP is your Dream and it will happen if this is want you want and are prepared to WORK for. We at DFW Metro Housing and Town Square Mortgage specialize in assisting you the First Time HOME-BUYER obtain your Dream of HOME-OWNERSHIP by assisting you in using Government Grant and Bond money for Down payment. If you qualify we can get you into your own home for as little as $1000 TOTAL INVESTMENT.

The Cities of Lewisville, McKinney, Plano, Fort Worth, Dallas, Arlington, Dallas and Tarrant Counties as well as the City of Garland under their separate Home Assistance Programs HAP are offering you the first time home buyers who qualify $7500 to $14999 in Down payment assistance towards achieving YOUR dream of home-ownership. You must be below the 80% AMI Example below and annual family income of $48550 for a family of 3. The TDHCA has two program one with 4% assistance and the other the HTF with $10000 in assistance.

For additional information concerning this Program, please email Colin Rosenthal at

colin@dfwmetrohousing.com or call him at 214-704-4005.  http://www.dfwmetrohousing.com

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Thank you for your interest in the Program.

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