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What is an FHA 203K Loan?

   Example: You have just found the ideal home and it is priced exactly where you wanted to be.

Problem: The home needs work and you don't have the money to complete the needed repairs

Solution: FHA 203K Loan

 The Home you have found needs new flooring, paint and appliances that will cost $10000

You apply for a $203K loan and include $10000 extra in the loan that goes into escrow when you close.  This $10000 is than used in conjunction with a Texas Licensed Contractor who is paid from the escrow account when the repairs are completed.

Example: The home you are looking at has a list price of $100000 and a county tax value of say $125000.  You have been able to secure a contract at say $95000 because of condition and already know it will be needing $10000 in repairs.  You execute the contract for $95000 apply for a 203K loan and close with a total loan for $105000

Types of FHA 203K Loans

1) Streamline All basic repairs like flooring, paint and Appliances

 2) Complete: Foundation or structural work needed


Real Estate Basic 101 What does it take to purchase your first home  


 For a Home-loan you need a 640 credit score. To rebuild you credit score you need Revolving credit

  Apply for Secured Credit card

                Apply for an Orchard Secured Credit Card

                Apply for a Capitol One Secured credit Card








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